Piesome Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with LED

Piesome Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED:


Piesome Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with LED:

Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker

Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and range is 10 meters, can be connected to most smartphones and tablets. Built-in handsfree and microphone in the bedside lamp you can answer the calls freely.

Running Time

  1. 5 hours (lighting + music playing).
  2. 8 hours (play music).
  3. 10 hours (illumination with maximum brightness).
  4. 36 hours (lighting with minimum brightness).


Bedside Lamp with White Light of 3 Brightnesses

A quick tip on the top:

  1. Tip (low brightness)
  2. Tipping (medium brightness)
  3. Tipping (high brightness)
  4. Tipping (switching off)

Dimmable mood light

Long taps on the top grid activate the colorful flash mode. In this mode, briefly tap the power, the light color changes to red, green, indigo, green, purple, blue, breath light, and colorful light.

Gift for Children

Best birthday gift and Christmas gift for kids. Play light music and fairy tales to help kids relax and fall asleep faster.

Multiple Connection Way

With the slot under the speaker lamp, you can play music from your iPod / MP3 player through a 3.5mm audio cable. You can also play music from a USB disk or Micro SD / TF card (not incl.)

Speaker with Mood Light

As a mood light, colors change with the rhythm of the music. Ideal lighting for parties.


  • Multifunction Wireless Music Speakers-Smart Touch LED Mood Lamp, Wireless Music Player, Hands-Free Speakerphone, TF Card Supports, On the bottom of this lamp, there is a metal hook to hang like a lantern, handle to hang up, Portable Fairly lightweight is perfect to hang while camping;
  • Night light Bluetooth Speaker-Compatible with the Bluetooth devices. And quality speaker driver had been specially selected to provide the most soothing audio experience. Night Light also supports Micro SD card,3.5mm audio cable, audio input. Use the cable provided for even longer audio playback time, You can play your favorite music by TF card playing and Bluetooth playing;
  • COLOR CHANGING MODE-3 Level Brightness Warm Light mode by tapping the speaker mesh on the top, Dim-Intermediate-Bright.If you tap the speaker mesh with a little longer time, the dimmable LED lamp comes with 7 color changing light mode. Then you tap the speaker mesh, it will change light quickly. This only happens when you connect the Bluetooth and play music;
  • Hands-Free Calling Bluetooth Speakers with Lights-It has a Built-in Mic which supports excellent handsfree capability because of the noise cancellation software;
  • Home Music System with Touch Lamp-Long Lasting Power. Use Led lamp Speaker you can Enjoy the warm light and wonderful music, while you are in reading, doing yoga, studio, romantic candle dinner, office camping indoor, also you can take it to attend a party, on a picnic, Wild camping because the hook design at the bottom makes you easy to carry going to all outdoor activities. It is also used as Night light, and play it.

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