Best 3D VR Box In India

Techstone VR BOX 360 Degree 3D

Techstone VR Box The phone holder in the VR can easily accommodate the mobile phones having screen sizes.

The VR headsets have the f strap headbands to keep the device safely in place even during rigorous head movements.

Also, the headband is adjustable to best fit different face types and head sizes in the entire family.

VR Headset has the HD optical lenses with 8 layer nano coating for prolonged high viewing.

This VR has the adjustable pupil distance knob and adjustable object distance knob to cater to the requirements of all types of users.

It is lightweight well balanced equipped with soft cushioning and easy to keep on for long periods.

It is equipped with unique heavy-duty lens distance adjustment mechanical knobs on both sides of the headsets.

which help in adjusting the distance of the phone from the lenses.

Behind the flap, there are thoughtfully designed and well-placed ventilation holes to ensure your phone does not alarmingly heat up while it stays in the headsets.


  1. The lenses can also further be rotated and the focus can be adjusted
  2. Elegant with stylish design
  3. A unique viewing experience of 360-degree videos will immerse you

1 Year Replacement Warranty


DESIGN BREAKTHROUGH: Patented truly unique design with independent research and development. Unique lightweight design for convenient head positioning and long VR usage and for fully immersive viewing experience.

LEADING OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY: High Quality 42 mm ( Thickness – 7mm) adjustable positioning lens systems for viewing High definition 3D videos and feel an immersive experience. You can enjoy an expanded Field Of View, surpassing 100 degrees!.

PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: Lenses are vacuum ion plated, capable of blocking electromagnetic radiation. Optical resin lenses reduce deformity, remove glare, and prevent eye fatigue. You will get a fully immersive viewing experience, allowing you to stream movies and pictures, play video games and enjoy your phone’s apps as you’ve never had.

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