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Bootstrap 5 Alpha, What’s New?

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework to built responsive and dynamic interfaces for web pages and makes the website attractive, recently bootstrap officially released Bootstrap 5 Alpha on June 16, 2020.

After several months spending on refining the bootstrap comes with all the major changes. Bootstrap still informed the users that the current version is still in alpha version thus, breaking changes will continue to occur until the first beta is released so it’s better to always check the open issues and pull requests on their official GitHub repository for open questions and feedback.

Some of the things are changes in Bootstrap 5 are as follow:

  • JQuery was removed
  • Switch to Vanilla Js
  • Responsive Font Sizes
  • Drop Internet Explorer 10 and 11 support
  • Change of gutter width unit of measurement
  • Removed Card Decks
  • Navbar Optimization
  • A custom SVG icon library
  • Switching from Jekyll to Hugo
  • Class updates

Bootstrap 5 alpha no longer depends on jQuery

jQuery played major roles in the earlier versions of bootstrap (let’s say up to 4.x).

Similarly, From Bootstrap version 5, we no longer need jQuery help to use the bootstrap components. Example: maintaining a toggle state, etc.

Now, Bootstrap includes its JavaScript to do those operations.

Bootstrap dropped jQuery dependency doesn’t mean you can’t use jQuery at all. You can collaborate with jQuery if your project really needs it. It’s just dropped from its official packages to improve the codebase and various aspects.

Bootstrap 5 Homepage

While Bootstrap has been using jQuery for more than 8 years, jQuery has become quite a large and bloated framework that requires websites using it to download and add trivial load time for a library that may not be used by any other plugin except Bootstrap itself.

As we know bootstrap has it own icon library to access that library click here

Dropping IE 10 & 11 Support

In Bootstrap 5, the Bootstrap team decided to give up support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11, which is a good move because it will allow web designers and developers to focus more on designing modern Web pages, Without worrying about breaking any of the code above. Older browsers may increase the size of each project.

SVG Icon Library

The bootloader team is working hard to explore its own Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) library to get the latest version, with more than 200 new icons.

Association with Hugo:

We know that static site generators are a must for frameworks to generate sites in the blink of an eye.

The site generator Jekyll is the oldest static site generator. This has been implemented in earlier bootstrap versions which have been a reliable source. Now, in the latest bootstrap version 5, Jekyll will be dropped. Right now, Hogo is the world’s fastest static site generator. Hogo site generator implements the “Golang” language.

Bootstrap 5 now includes Hogo and has made changes to their dependencies, making version 5 even pacier.

Supports ESM version:

The upcoming version 5 of Bootstrap will introduce its own ESM (ECMAScript module) using which bootstrap could be implemented as a module.

More receptive containers:

Earlier versions of bootstrap used to have only container-fluid and regular as the choices available at best.

The bootstrap version 5 is expected to possess “.container-md” , “.container-sm” and so on as additional new containers making the webpages even more responsive. It is also announced that position: “relative” property will be depreciated for cols.

Refreshed website

Bootstrap 5 website hosted on Github, pages with help of Jekyll. Bootstrap 5 will be hosted on netlify which provides more advanced options than Github pages. Also instead of Jekyll new version include Hugo. The website is silently refreshed.

Switching to Hugo from Jekyll

Hugo is the world’s fastest static site generator. Whereas Jekyll is the world’s oldest static site generator and it’s dropped in bootstrap 5. We see this change similar to what they did with the 4th version. Removing powerful LESS features to SAAS.


As bootstrap developer said it is just alpha testing release so don’t use on client website yet. for more information you can visit on bootstrap git hub repository and give your valuable feedback about your experience with bootstrap 5 alpha version.

Bootstrap Git Hub Repository

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